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"Where your healing begins and your thirst ends"

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Welln​ess Packages

All one on one sessions are web based and are designed to be tailor made to each client. This process is accomplished through each client completing a Lifestyle Analysis that tailors the course material to address the clients unique concerns.

Available Session Days and Times:

Saturday 9:00 am to 9pm CST

Sunday 12:00pm to 6pm CST

Monday - Friday 6:00pm to 9:00 pm CST

Client chooses the day and time slot of web based or phone sessions

Distance/Remote Healing 

Trinity Rain offers distance/remote healing sessions for the following:

• Distance Reiki

• Distance Digital Body Analyzer

• Distance Medical Astrology Readings

• Distance Holistic/Spiritual Consultations

All of the services we offer at Trinity Rain can be done remotely while you are comfortable at home. Distance Reiki can be used when clients are sick, on business travel, visiting family or just in need of inner peace. Many situations have unique stress factors and so receiving Reiki at these times can be especially helpful. Receiving Reiki at the exact moment of stress can bring much instant relief and prevent blocks from building up in your energy fields. Reiki has a way of bringing clarity as well as inner peace and this can be useful when dealing with difficult relationships or situations.

All of the distance healing sessions can be done in a variety of ways. We can do them over the phone, using a face-to-face app such as Zoom or a Virtual office Platform.  

Free Clarity Consultation

Your clarity consultation will consist of a review of your goals and identify how we can help you achieve them. This call does require you to complete a short intake form. This form helps us better identity what type of health and wellness services you are looking for.  Contact us today for your FREE session!

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Free Monthly

Health Tips

We are excited to have you apart of our community. We would love for you to relax and have a seat right here and become apart of our Integrative Health and Wellness family by staying connected to us through our FREE monthly health tips . Please check out our client platform to get  your Free Health Tips

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Are one on one phone call sessions that allow clients to ask detailed questions or seek support when dealing with day to day stressors of life. Information shared during  Holistic consultations will focus on healing through the mind, body and spirit. 

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Health &Wellness Coaching

All one on one coaching sessions are web based and are designed to be tailor made to each client.  This process is accomplished through each client completing a Lifestyle Analysis that tailors the course material to address the clients unique concerns.

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